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30 September 2015—Australia-first efforts to counter violent extremism

Minister for Justice

Australia-first efforts to counter violent extremism

30 September 2015

Overnight in New York the Australian Government announced two initiatives to support regional efforts to counter violent extremism—the creation of the first Regional Civil Society Network and the development of a Regional Compendium of Counter Narratives.

Building on the work commenced at the 2015 White House Summit to Counter Violent Extremism and the Regional Countering Violent Extremism Summit in Sydney earlier this year, these efforts are designed to amplify messages that decry terrorist propaganda.

Governments cannot act alone to effectively address the threat posed by violent extremist groups and their strategies to target the vulnerable for recruitment, which is why our Government is working closely with community leaders, experts and communities domestically and from across the region with international partners.

This is why I was in New York with global leaders, to continue the discussion from Sydney's CVE summit regarding our common goal to combat this global threat.

ISIL has proven adept at exploiting the online environment to prey on the young and vulnerable, so a key part of our strategy is tearing down terrorist propaganda aimed at radicalising certain targets.

Our Government's Combating Terrorist Propaganda Online Initiative invests almost $22 million over four years to challenge extremist narratives and reduce access to extremist material online.

We are extending that strategy with the Regional Compendium of Counter-Narratives, which will amplify positive messages across the region and suppress violent extremist propaganda.

That will be complemented by work through the Regional Civil Society Network which brings together a diverse group of experts in countering violent extremism to better utilise the voices of leaders and influencers across the region as outreach to vulnerable communities.

These projects will be delivered in close cooperation with regional governments and with the support of international experts, including from the Hedayah Institute and the Australian Intervention Support Hub.

Australia remains committed to working with our regional neighbours to find solutions to countering violent extremism and is leading the delivery of these critical international measures to keep our nation safe.