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12 August 2015–Industry Reference Group to advise Government on NFA review

Minister for Justice

Industry Reference Group to advise Government on NFA review

12 August 2015

Consultation with industry and licensed shooters will be vital to produce sensible reforms as the Government reviews the technical elements of the National Firearms Agreement (NFA).

In January, the Martin Place Siege Review recommended that the Commonwealth, States and Territories simplify the regulation of the legal firearms market through an update of the technical elements of the NFA.

All states and territories agreed to this recommendation at the May 2015 meeting of the Law, Crime and Community Safety Council (LCCSC). Ministers and Attorneys-General from all jurisdictions will consider any proposed updates to the NFA at the November 2015 meeting of the LCCSC ahead of consideration by the first Council of Australian Governments meeting in 2016.

The objective of the review is to ensure our existing firearms regulations – which have not been substantively reviewed for almost two decades – have kept pace with advancements in technology and changes to the firearms market.

It is important that the NFA strikes an appropriate balance between the interests of licensed gun owners and advice from our law enforcement agencies to ensure the broader community is safe and secure.

As part of the consultation process we will establish an Industry Reference Group to provide advice to Government and the Firearms and Weapons Policy Working Group (FWPWG) – which is comprised of representatives of all Australian Governments – on the technical elements of the NFA.

This will be in addition to other stakeholder consultations that the working group and I will conduct.