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6 May 2015—New South Wales joins Commonwealth-State efforts to tackle child exploitation

Minister for Justice

New South Wales joins Commonwealth-State efforts to tackle child exploitation

Joint media release

Minister for Justice
The Hon Michael Keenan MP

NSW Deputy Premier
Minister for Police
The Hon Troy Grant MP

6 May 2015

Child protection officers from New South Wales Police Force and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) will join together to target those who prey on the youngest and most vulnerable members of our society with the establishment of a Joint Anti-Child Exploitation Team (JACET) and an education program about keeping children safe online.

The signing of the JACET agreement today, and the further announcement of the roll-out of the AFP’s ThinkUKnow cyber safety program in New South Wales, which will be delivered by NSW Police crime prevention officers, will boost our national efforts in combatting child sexual exploitation, and target those offending against children.

In NSW, JACET will see the AFP's Child Protection Operations team working alongside members of the NSW Police Force Child Exploitation Internet Unit. The objective is to ensure enhanced teamwork, greater communication and a more streamlined approach between NSW Police and the AFP, including rapid sharing of intelligence.

Mr Keenan said the new operating model sends a clear message to sexual predators: the exploitation of children will not be tolerated.

“Our agencies are working hard to ensure perpetrators of online sexual exploitation of children will be vigorously pursued, whether the crime occurs in Australia, or is committed or facilitated by Australians in foreign countries,” Mr Keenan said.

Deputy Premier Troy Grant commended the ongoing dedication of law enforcement agencies to combatting the sexual exploitation of children, and said he looked forward to the results that this increased cooperation will bring.

“There is no crime more abhorrent than the exploitation and abuse of children. The community expects Government and the judiciary to stand up for the protection of children and deter child abuse by sending a strong message to perpetrators that such crimes are simply unacceptable,” Mr Grant said.

The JACET works to identify organised networks involved in the procurement and grooming of our children. The JACET will continue to be rolled out to other States in coming months.

More information about ThinkUKnow can be found at ThinkUKnow is a partnership between the AFP, Microsoft Australia, Datacom and the Commonwealth Bank.