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22 August 2014—A decade of strengthening law enforcement ties with Indonesia

Minister for Justice

A decade of strengthening law enforcement ties with Indonesia

22 August 2014

It's an honour to be in Bali to attend a ceremony recognising the 10th Anniversary of the establishment of the Australian Federal Police Bali Office and a commemorative service at the Bali Bombing memorial site in Kuta.

I am visiting Bali as part of a week-long visit to Indonesia which included attending the 10th anniversary of the joint Australia-Indonesia Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation (JCLEC) and meeting with key Indonesian law and justice counterparts to promote ongoing cooperation between Australia and Indonesia.

The AFP has officers stationed across Indonesia as part of Australia's international efforts to counter terrorism and transnational crime and to build stronger ties with the Indonesian National Police (INP) and other law enforcement agencies.

At the height of the response to the 2002 Bali bombings more than 100 AFP officers were deployed to work alongside the INP in areas ranging from investigations to operations support.

The ongoing cooperation between our law enforcement agencies is one of shared experience and mutual respect.

The AFP and INP cooperate under the Australian Federal Police-Indonesian National Police Agreement on Preventing and Combating Transnational Crime.

This agreement lays out the strategic, formal framework for ongoing cooperation between Australia's and Indonesia's two National Police forces.

Cooperation between the AFP and INP has led to significant results in operational outcomes and capability development for both Australia and Indonesia. 

This ensures that together, our countries remain well placed to respond to current and emerging crime and terrorism threats within our region.