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11 December 2014—Global Summit to tackle online child exploitation

Minister for Justice

Global Summit to tackle online child exploitation

11 December 2014

Australia’s capability in investigating and prosecuting child sexual exploitation will be shared at this week’s Global Summit to tackle online child sexual exploitation in the UK.

Child sexual exploitation crosses international borders and global partnerships are required to stop this continued abuse.

Governments, law enforcement agencies and international organisations at the summit have committed to concrete action to tackle online child exploitation.

These actions include measures to identify and protect victims, remove child abuse material from the internet, and strengthened co-operation across the world to track and prosecute perpetrators.

Every horrific child sexual exploitation image is a crime scene and such abuse only serves to strengthen the resolve of law enforcement to work together at a national and international level to bring offenders to justice.

Australia is already working actively with countries in the Asia-Pacific, and the Australian Government is committed to protecting children from the dangers of sexual and physical exploitation and abuse, wherever it may occur.

In October this year, I announced a new joint operating model —the Joint Anti Child Exploitation Team (JACET)—between the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Victoria Police to combat the sexual exploitation of children. The JACET model, which will be rolled-out in each State and Territory, will see a closer working arrangement and coordination of child exploitation matters nationally, and internationally.

The co-location of AFP’s Child Protection Operations team members across Australia will act as a force multiplier of information received from international agencies to partner agencies regarding sexual predators that prey on children in the online environment.

Australia has strong online child exploitation offences, and perpetrators of online sexual exploitation of children will be vigorously pursued, whether the crime occurs in Australia, or is committed or facilitated by Australians in foreign countries.

Sexual predators are on notice that this activity will not be tolerated, and will not go unpunished by international authorities and Australia’s justice system.

The Australian Government was represented at the summit by Australian Federal Police Deputy Commissioner Michael Phelan. I commend the United Kingdom Government for hosting this important summit.