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23 March 2014 - Synthetic LSD products listed under Federal Criminal Code

Minister for Justice

Synthetic LSD products listed under Federal Criminal Code

23 March 2014

Minister for Justice Michael Keenan today announced that the Government will amend regulations to add four substances, which are marketed as synthetic LSD, to the list of substances that attract serious drug offences.

Listing these substances will ensure that the serious drug offences penalties of between two years jail and life imprisonment will apply to those who are involved in the importation of these substances.

Currently these substances are a prohibited, but offenders are only subject to a fine three times the value of the product.

These substances are a potent form of hallucinogenic drugs, called NBOMes which seek to mimic the effects of LSD and pose a significant danger to the health and safety of Australians.

NBOMes can cause hallucinations, paranoia, cardiovascular complications, seizures, hyperthermia, organ failure and death.

“These substances can have very powerful effects at low dosages and have been connected to a number of deaths in Australia and overseas,” Mr Keenan said.

“Synthetic drugs are deadly, and anyone bringing these types of drugs into the country are on notice; they face serious criminal penalties.

”NBOMes are generally purchased on the internet and imported into Australia. They are commonly marketed as Smiles, N-Bomb and Pandora. These types of substances have emerged very quickly in Australia, particularly over the last two years.

The Coalition Government take action to protect the public and stamp out the importation of these dangerous substances,” Mr Keenan said.